Display Commands

Display command is type of command that modifies item data before displaying. The modified data are only used for displaying the item and are not stored.

The command is executed just before an item needs to be displayed. This can sometimes happen multiple times for the same item if the data or configuration changes or the tab was unloaded.

Display commands can be created in Command dialog by setting Type of Action to Display.

Use data() to retrieve current item data and setData() to set the data to display (these are not stored permanently).

E.g. use slightly different color for plain text items.

if ( str(data(mimeText)) && !str(data(mimeHtml)) ) {
    html = escapeHtml(data(mimeText))
    setData(mimeHtml, '<span style="color:#764">' + html + '</span>')

E.g. try to interpret text as Markdown (with marked external utility).

var text = data(mimeText)
var result = execute('marked', null, text)
if (result && result.exit_code == 0) {
    setData(mimeHtml, result.stdout)