Synchronize with Documents

This page describes how to keep items in a tab synchronized with files in a directory on a disk (or a Dropbox folder).



On Windows, to enable this feature you need to install “Synchronize” plugin. All plugins are installed by default and also included in the portable zip version of the app.

Set path synchronization directory for a tab.

  1. Open “Preferences” (Ctrl+P shortcut).

  2. Go to “Items” tab.

  3. Select “Synchronize”.

    Configure synchronization directory
  4. Double-click an empty space in Tab Name column and enter name of the tab to synchronize.

  5. Click the browse button on the same row and select directory for the tab.

  6. Click OK to save changes.

Now any items in the synchronized tab will be saved in the directory and existing files will show up in the tab even if the tab or a file is created later.

Synchronized items can be copied and edited as normal items.

File Types

Only files with known format can be shown as items. By default:

  • Files with .txt suffix show up as text items.

  • Files with .html suffix show up as formatted text items.

  • Files with .png suffix (and others) show up as images.

To show other files as items you need to set their file suffix in the second table in the configuration. Here you can set icon and MIME format for the file data.

Configure file formats to show

The configuration in the image above allows for content of all files with .cpp suffix in synchronized directories to show up text items, i.e. items have text/plain format containing the file data.