Customize and Build the Windows Installer


Most of the translations for the installer are taken directly from the installer generator Inno Setup (

You can add translations for CopyQ-specific messages in shared/copyq.iss. Just copy lines starting with en. from [Custom Messages] section and change prefix to de. (for german translation).

Modify and Test Installation

Normally the installation file is generated automatically by Appveyor which executes appveyor-after-build.bat to generate portable app folder from build files and runs Inno Setup (the last line).

You don’t have to build the app again, you just need:

  1. Download the unzipped portable version of the app.

  2. Clone of this repository.

  3. Install Inno Setup.

  4. Open shared/copyq.iss in Inno Setup and add few lines at the beginning of the file.

#define AppVersion 2.8.1-beta
#define Source C:\path\to\CopyQ-repository-clone
#define Destination C:\path\to\CopyQ-portable

You should now be able to modify the file in Inno Setup and run it easily.