Tabs and Items


Tabs are means to organize texts, images and other data.

Initially there is only one tab which is used for storing clipboard and the tab bar is hidden.

User can create new tabs from “Tabs” menu or using Ctrl+T. The tab bar will appear if there is more than one tab. Using mouse, user can reorder tabs and drop items and other data into tabs.

If tab name contains &, the following letter is used for quick access to the tab (the letter is underlined in tab bar or tab tree and & is hidden). For example, tab named “&Clipboard” can be opened using Alt+C shortcut.

Option “Tab Tree” enables user to organize tabs into groups. Tabs with names “Job/Tasks/1” and “Job/Tasks/2” will create following structure in tab tree.

> Job
    > Tasks
        > 1
        > 2

Storing Clipboard

If “Store Clipboard” option is enabled (under “General” tab in config dialog) and “Tab for storing clipboard” is set (under “History” tab in config dialog), every time user copies something to clipboard a new item will be created in that particular tab. The item will contain only text and data that are needed by plugins (e.g. plugin “Images” requires image/svg, image/png or similar).

Organizing Items

Any data or item can be moved or copied to other tab by dragging it using mouse or by pasting it in item list.

Commands can automatically organize items into tabs. For example, following command will put copied images to “Images” tab (to use the command, copy it to the command list in configuration).

Name=Move Images to Other Tab