Script Commands

Script command is type of command which allows overriding existing functions and creating new ones (allowing new command line arguments to be used).

The command is executed before any script and all defined variables and functions are available to the scripts.

Script commands can be created in Command dialog by setting Type of Action to Script.

Extending Command Line Interface

By adding following script command you can use hello() from other script or on command line (copyq hello):

global.hello = function() {
    print('Hello, World!\n')

Script commands are executed in own scope so as to avoid adding temporary variables in the global scope which contains all functions like copy() or add(). Using global object allows to modify the global scope.

It’s useful to move code used by multiple commands to a new script command.

It can also simplify using copyq from another application or shell script.

Override Functionality

Existing functions can be overridden from script commands.

Specifically onClipboardChanged and functions it calls can be overridden to customize handling of new clipboard content.

E.g. following command saves only textual clipboard data and removes any formatted text:

var saveData_ = saveData

saveData = function() {
    if ( str(data(mimeText)) != "" ) {
        popup('Saving only text')
    } else {
        popup('Not saving non-textual data')

E.g. following command overrides paste() to use an external utility for pasting clipboard:

paste = function() {
    var x = execute(
        'keyup', 'alt', 'ctrl', 'shift', 'super', 'meta',
        'key', 'shift+Insert')
    if (!x)
        throw 'Failed to run xdotool'
    if (x.stderr)
        throw 'Failed to run xdotool: ' + str(x.stderr)

E.g. show custom notifications for clipboard and Linux mouse selection changes.

function clipboardNotification(owns, hidden) {
    var id = isClipboard() ? 'clipboard' : 'selection'
    var icon = isClipboard() ? '\uf0ea' : '\uf246'
    var owner = owns ? 'CopyQ' : str(data(mimeWindowTitle))
    var title = id + ' - ' + owner
    var message = hidden ? '<HIDDEN>' : data(mimeText).left(100)
    '.id', id,
    '.title', title,
    '.message', message,
    '.icon', icon

var onClipboardChanged_ = onClipboardChanged
onClipboardChanged = function() {
    clipboardNotification(false, false)

var onOwnClipboardChanged_ = onOwnClipboardChanged
onOwnClipboardChanged = function() {
    clipboardNotification(true, false)

var onHiddenClipboardChanged_ = onHiddenClipboardChanged
onHiddenClipboardChanged = function() {
    clipboardNotification(true, true)